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Cid's Guatemala Summer 2011 - 2 months of Spanish and Travel in Guatemala and Honduras
Common Hope, 25 kids in 25 days

Common Hope is the organization that brought me to Guatemala 5 years ago, and keeps me coming back. I am excited about their new community, hope you are too! To learn more follow the link.

We need your help this June. We’re trying our best to sponsor the entire first grade class in our newest community, San Miguel Milpas Altas. These students are just starting their educational journey, but they face incredible odds to make it to high school graduation. You can help make one of their hopes real by sponsoring them, or by passing this page on to someone who can. A sponsorship can change not only the life of a child in Guatemala, but yours as well. With your support, a child and his or her family will receive needed services from Common Hope to ensure he or she can get an education, have a stable home, and be healthy. In turn, you can get to know a child and a culture thousands of miles away, have a chance to pay forward the good fortune you’ve received in life, and gain valuable perspective for yourself or your children about what’s important in life. Scroll down to learn more about each of the 25 first graders.

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