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Cid's Blog - A Summer in Central America
Tikal The Mayan World

 Fritz arrived and the play time began. Our first stop was Tikal, the oldest and best known of Guatemala’s National Parks. It protects a vast array of wildlife as well as the remains of one of the Mayan civilization’s greatest cities. This park also helps protect what remains of Peten’s tropical forest ecosystem. As you drive to the park the deforestation is evident, there are now cows and fields where there was once an unstoppable rainforest. Tikal was settled somewhere between 900 and 700 BC and was completely abandoned by the 10th century AD. There were several peaks and valleys of power; the final inscription is recorded on Stela 24, 869 AD. A Stela is a tall stone tablet carved with pictures of rulers and inscriptions in the Mayan glyph writing system. In the front of many Stela are round stone alters, also inscribed. Most of the best pieces have been removed and are stored in museums and private collections all over the world, many in Germany, but some beautiful pieces are on display in Guatemala City. We especially enjoyed the Spider Monkeys dashing overhead, the Howler Monkeys that howled for over two amazing hours, and having the whole central plaza to ourselves in the afternoon. It was hot, hot, humid, and hot! Oh and it was raining, imagine that, rain in a rainforest.



New Page

 Hi All, The other blog got full, so here are the final posts for my fabulous Guatemala/Honduras summer.