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Cid's Blog - A Summer in Central America
Family Visits with Common Hope Students

 Our visit with Ferlandy and Family was fabulous as always. It was Fritz’s first Common Hope family visit and an emotional time. We give so little and it means so much in their lives. Ferlandy’s mother said the most kind words that let us know how much our small contribution is appreciated. We also received some lovely gifts and treats. The next visit was with Elisa and her mother. It was great to see their house finally up and a new addition. The news we learned from the social worker when we left is that this 16 year old is pregnant and will not be staying in school for now. The final visit was with Rocio and her family. This is the first time I met her father as he was in the States for 7 years working and has now returned. The mother is amazing and I think all is well with this sweet family. 

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